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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Days 27 & 28

DAYS 27 & 28

I was able to catch the sun yesterday before it went to bed. As I turned to drive home, I saw the moon in all it's glory shining bright! I thought about the many days in my life that have passed and nights that have come, and wondered how many of those days were truly filled with gratitude?

I've been alive 21,847 days and I dare to say that not all of them, probably only a small fraction of them were filled with gratitude as the day ended. I let the worries of the day and the cares of the world rule my life for far too many days/weeks/months/ years. I'd like to think I've turned a corner and now most of my days I find myself filled with gratitude, but I am human and slip all to easily into my own world of carrying the cares that were never meant for my shoulders. A breathe prayer I say often which helps me remember to cast my cares and be grateful for what Is before me, within me, around me and behind me, is: Jesus, I choose to trust YOU!

Are you carrying the weight of things you need to be let go of or lay down? We may not know the outcome, but there is one we can trust regardless, who will lift the load we too often carry. Give this breathe prayer a try, "Jesus, I Choose to trust YOU!"

DAY 27

Today, I'm grateful for:

  1. The way the birds sing their own songs

  2. The ripples in the water when I skip rocks

  3. The memory of catching crawdads on camping trips with my girls

  4. The anticipation of camping next summer, somewhere spectacular

  5. Angles on top of Christmas trees

  6. Dishtowels

  7. Pot holders - thick ones

  8. Filtered water in the fridge door.

  9. Fresh greens made into wreaths

  10. Special ornaments from moms and grandmas

  11. Live nativity scenes

  12. Record player (turn tables)

  13. old albums and 45s - I am still fascinated at how the sound comes from the the tiny needle spinning around the record.

  14. Frontline workers - they sacrifice much for the sake of many

  15. The families of frontline workers - they sacrifice much so others can receive the help and assistance they need.

  16. Benches along the river

  17. The gathering place in Tulsa - such an extraordinary outdoor space

  18. Taquitos

  19. Hot Salsa

  20. Cilantro - one can never put too much cilantro in a dish

  21. Paper Christmas chains

  22. Turkeys made with children's hand prints

  23. School pictures - They really are the best conversation pieces

  24. Applesauce as it used to replace eggs or oils in recipes

  25. Non stick pans

  26. Crocheted Kitchen dish scrubbies

  27. Snow globes

DAY 28

Today I'm grateful for:

  1. That I still have a few minutes to complete my gratitude blog before yet another day passes

  2. Opportunities to be stretched out of my comfort zone

  3. Christmas Parties

  4. Laughter

  5. Christmas traditions passed down through the years

  6. Today, as tomorrow is never promised

  7. The book 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D Smith - It's a book that makes you think about life

  8. Online learning opportunities

  9. My Food for Life students - they've been a great group

  10. Journals - pretty or fun ones

  11. Stores that play Christmas music

  12. Grace that changes everything

  13. The magic and innocence of childhood - Tooth fairy, Elf on a shelf, Santa

  14. Board Games - Aggravation, Parcheesi, monopoly and so many more

  15. My parents buying us gifts we could make things with, like Creepy Crawlers - anyone remember making rubber insects?

  16. Sears and Roebuck Catalogs and the joy they brought

  17. Tinsel - do they still make it?

  18. Christmas tree lights that dance to the music

  19. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, It's a classic

  20. Small Business and the courage it takes to start up and keep going

  21. Essential workers that don't get holidays off and work early and late hours to serve others

  22. Those who work in the Penal system - Takes great courage and compassion

  23. Empower Campus and all the people who benefit from the ministries housed within

  24. Anxiety - It helps me to appreciate Peace in a greater way

  25. Glitter

  26. Window art

  27. My smoothie cup

  28. Fridge magnets - they hold art work from my grands

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