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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Day 30

DAY 30 As I sit and write, I hear wind chimes singing their song near by. I find them to be very soothing, as they sing in the wind. I remember a time when my neighbor's wind chimes were a constant irritation to me. I think back then, my mind was cluttered with the worries of life and all I could hear was noise - irritating, grating, seemingly never ending noise. But not now.

I welcome the gentle ringing and clanging and singing as the chimes hit together, making music. How often have those around us caused irritation when they hit up against us, our thoughts, opinions and values? Through out 2020, I've come to realize many people, posts, blogs, articles, tv programs have hit up against many people making anything but music or pleasant sounds that ease the stresses of life. I've had the opportunity to choose to allow the sounds of disagreement, to either take me down or feed my soul. Sometimes, I've had to tune out certain negativity. Other times, I've been able to allow it to help me focus on the good in whom it is coming from, as well as the way it is shaping who I believe I am in the situation.

Do you love wind chimes or do they irritate you? Next time you hear some chimes making melodious music, pay attention to how you respond to it. Learn from the experience and enjoy the sounds of life. This is the last day of the 30 Days of Thanksgiving, but I encourage you to continue a daily practice of gratitude!

Today I'm Grateful for:

  1. The sounds in nature - even outdoor wind chimes

  2. Throw rugs

  3. Immersion blenders

  4. Stand up mixers

  5. Freedom

  6. People who have my back regardless of the situation

  7. Quiet mornings watching the sunrise

  8. Quiet evenings watching the sunset

  9. Tofu - it makes the best "ricotta cheese" and "bacon" with a healthy flair

  10. Canva

  11. Phone cameras

  12. The opportunity of seeing hurting people heal

  13. Wireless printers

  14. Post it notes

  15. Comfy sweatshirts

  16. Garage door openers

  17. Slippers

  18. Pictures in Print - most of mine are digital anymore

  19. Desk floor mats

  20. Gift Cards - They always come in handy at the perfect time

  21. Wireless Mouse

  22. Pumpkin Chai Bread

  23. Oat milk in my coffee

  24. Coconut bacon

  25. Micro greens - they make me happy

  26. Flash drives

  27. Small bowls

  28. Blogs

  29. Online courses - I learn much

  30. Amazon Music

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