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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Day 29

DAY 29

A cup of Tea... I love tea! Fruity tea, chai tea, cinnamon, English breakfast, Earl Grey, Ginger and medicinal teas. When I was 17, I spent the summer in Japan as an exchange student and enjoyed attending several Green Tea Ceremonies. The English have Traditions around tea, Asians have traditions around tea, as do many other cultures. My former mother in law was a tea lover and my girls and grands love tea too! I like it straight up, no milk no honey or sweetener. I love to make a nice cup of hot tea to snuggle up with a good book or a movie on a cold day. Tea and ginger snaps go well together! What traditions do you have surrounding tea, or how do you like to drink it? Tea and

Today I am Grateful for:

  1. Funky Coffee houses

  2. Eclectic lamps and lamp shade

  3. Antique stores

  4. My brother Bruce's art work - he's amazing

  5. My brother Dennis's bread - it's extraordinary

  6. Stained glass

  7. Historic buildings

  8. Historic houses and the charm they have

  9. Note cards - sending and receiving them

  10. Gift bags of all sizes

  11. Snowmen Christmas decorations

  12. Blue outdoor lights

  13. Smoked Paprika

  14. Cashews

  15. Portable phone charges

  16. Online church services

  17. Insulated spill proof coffee mugs

  18. Books shelves

  19. Kitchen Islands

  20. Baby noises, giggles and laughs

  21. Computer bags

  22. Friends who live at the beach

  23. Friends who live in the mountains

  24. Friends who live at the lake

  25. Friends who live in my favorite cities and states

  26. People who are artistic and use their gift for others to enjoy

  27. People in my life, whose wisdom, love and encouragement has helped me become who I am today

  28. The continued opportunities to trust God for my present and future situation

  29. Gratitude blogs which help me reach deep within to recognize and express the many things I'm grateful for

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