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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Day 26

The day is over and it was a day of giving thanks for much! Even in 2020, "the best year ever," said no one, there is plenty to be grateful for. I was able to see both my daughters and their families via zoom, and well as my brother and his family. I was with friends this year due to extenuating circumstances, and if I had to be away from my family, I'm grateful I was able to be with friends and their kin folk.

The day was peaceful, subdued and different in a good way. Not a lot of fan fare. No combing the papers for Black Friday Sales, no christmas decorations being put up. Just a different, lovely day with good weather!

Day 26

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. Seeing Megan and her family even if only via zoom

  2. Lindsay and her family even if only via zoom

  3. Touching base with My brother Dennis and his family

  4. My other brothers, Bruce, Nick and Shawn, and their families, even though we didn't connect today

  5. Friends who are family

  6. Sleepy time tea

  7. A Vegan Thanksgiving that was so very delicious and enjoyable

  8. Dressing / Stuffing

  9. Mushroom gravy

  10. Lentil loaf

  11. Pecan Pie

  12. Trees that still have leaves on them in Nov

  13. A gorgeous sunset

  14. River Trails

  15. Waking up this morning

  16. 2 good legs (was with someone recovering from knee surgery today)

  17. not having to dealing with cancer or degenerative disease in my body at this time in my life

  18. Christmas movies

  19. Memories that make me smile

  20. People with a good sense of humor

  21. People with contagious laughs

  22. Seeing and hearing my youngest grandson and a great niece and nephew giggle in the way only littles can

  23. Dishwashers

  24. Tea Tree style wax

  25. Tea Tree oil

  26. Young people who steer me in the right direction with technology savvy that eludes me.

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