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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Day 25

DAY 25

Doing what I love in life is a real treat. I have a couple of passions, and today I'm highlighting "Sharing the Wealth of Health! I've had the privilege of teaching Food For Life Classes via zoom! Another FFL instructor, Lauren from Iowa, and I teamed up to teach a couple of class series this fall, with an incredible group of ladies!

Doing zoom classes from the instructor side has been a learning experience, but Lauren was a great Tech Teacher. The computer, the tripod, the camera (iPhone), the cooking demos, the students from 4 midwest states plus Washington DC, has made the transition to online classes very rewarding. To be able to meet with people thousands of miles away, as if there were no distance is amazing.

Are you doing what you are passionate about? If so, what is it? If not, what is your passion that you'd like to step into? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Wednesday.

Today, I'm grateful for:

  1. Holiday baking - it's been awhile since I've baked pies

  2. Favorite holiday foods with a healthy flair

  3. Running into friends from the past at the grocery store

  4. Marco Polo videos

  5. Sunshine after days of rain and gray skies

  6. Cards in the mail from friends from afar

  7. Surprises

  8. Secret Santas

  9. Christmas books - A Cup of Christmas Tea, a favorite

  10. Huge displays of Christmas lights

  11. Slippers

  12. Afghans

  13. Traditions

  14. Poinsettias - They remind me of my mom, who had a huge Poinsettia plant in the front of her house.

  15. My dad - even in my 50's I was his little girl

  16. Fun Christmas glasses

  17. Santa and elf Christmas hats

  18. Pecan pie made without oil, butter, sugar - so delicious and guilt free

  19. Charlie Brown Christmas trees

  20. Farmer markets

  21. Utica Square - my favorite outdoor upscale outdoor shopping center

  22. Life size Nutcrackers

  23. Heaters

  24. Snowmen

  25. Hugs - they're the best

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