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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Day 22

DAY 22

Sunset and sunrises feed my soul! This picture is one of my favorites and one of the few times my iPhone actually captured what I was seeing with my naked eyes. I can hear the water lapping the sandy beach and the silence of the evening as I look at this. When I am in Florida, most evenings I walk across the street to the beach to catch the sunset. Often times, there are numerous sailboats and other boats filled with people, watching the amazing orange / red / pink ball of fire wind down it's day, beyond the horizon.

Where I live in Sioux Falls, I do not have the vantage point of seeing the sunset without obstacles. Whenever I can see a sunset or sunrise unobscured, I am in a world of wonder and joy!

Does nature feed your soul? If so, what part of nature; Mountains, ocean, prairie lands, snow, green grass, rain, sunshine, storms? Put your answers in the comments and let me know!

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. The colors of sunsets and sunrises: orange, yellow, red, pink, purple and every hue of all of those combined

  2. Fresh air

  3. Beaches

  4. Black Hills Mountains

  5. San Francisco Peaks

  6. Sedona

  7. Oak Creek

  8. The Grand Canyon

  9. The anticipation of visiting places that I've yet to see

  10. Sunshiny days

  11. Cloudy gray days when I can be indoors in comfy clothes, snuggled up with a fuzzy throw, with hallmark channel in the background, reading, writing, relaxing

  12. Friends who invite me into their lives and trust me with their pain

  13. Friends I can trust with my pain and vulnerability

  14. Podcasts - to fill my mind when I'm busy doing, driving, walking

  15. The freedom to think for myself, looks at both sides and come up with my own decision

  16. Yoga pants

  17. Sweatshirts

  18. Flip flops

  19. Vegan Veggie Pizza for any meal

  20. Warm places in winter

  21. Warm places in summer

  22. Contentment wherever I find myself

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