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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Day 17

DAY 17

Jump out of a plane they said... It will be fun they said... Well, I never thought I'd jump out of a plane because fear was at the root of that thought process. A couple years ago my oldest brother passed away, way too young. In my last conversation to him via video, I told him I would jump out of a plane one day. In his younger days, David was a pilot and a sky diving instructor, back before tandem skydiving was popular. It always intrigued me that someone would choose to jump out of a moving plane. Deep beneath that fear and intrigue, curiosity, courageousness and adventure were stirring.

In April of 2018, I did just that. I jumped (or rather was pushed) out of a moving plane, and I LOVED IT! I loved the free falling the best. I"m not sure why falling quickly through the air from 11,000ft, rapidly approaching the ground would thrill me, but it did. Other than riding a motorcycle, I usually play things pretty safe, and normally, do NOT seek adrenaline rushes.

  • Maybe it was just proving to myself that I could do something which I once thought was impossible

  • Maybe there is a thrill seeker in me, that I've suppressed over the years, leaning toward safety, rather than adventure

  • Maybe, at my age, I just want to live life to the fullest and not give into fears or caution that were prevalent when I had children still at home

  • Maybe being free is more important to me now than living in fear or with fear

Whatever it was, I'm grateful for the experience

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Skydiving experts

  2. Adventures that turn out well

  3. PB&J Sandwiches - don't eat them often, but so enjoy them when I do

  4. Trading in my winter coat for a hoodie, this time of year, even if for a few hours days at a time

  5. Teeccino herbal coffee - Vanilla Nut is the best.

  6. Blueberry Chia pudding - so much goodness

  7. Reading glasses - may have mentioned this one before

  8. Opportunities to grow

  9. Friends who pray for me when they think of me

  10. Smart phones - how did we ever survive without them

  11. Smart watches - they make life even more convenient

  12. Comfortable Shoes - I'd prefer to wear none, so comfy one are big in my world

  13. Mechanical pencils

  14. Waking up this morning

  15. Every Breath - it is a gift from God

  16. Chai Spiced Tea bags

  17. Tumeric - game changer herb

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