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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Days 15 & 16

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

DAY 15

Raw Vegan Cheesecake is the best! When you are eating a whole foods plant based way, you can eat dessert first, as it actually has nutrients not high sugar, fat and processed ingredients! This picture is from a Dinner and Movie Night I had! I do love sharing amazing living food full of flavor and nutrients!

What will you be making for Thanksgiving this year? Will you do traditional dishes, or will you branch out and try some Whole Food Plant Based Delights? I'm leaning toward a pumpkin cheesecake with a chocolate crust and drizzle, or a caramel apple crumble cheesecake like in the photo.

Yesterday I was grateful for:

  1. Chili with cornbread - great on a cold day

  2. Friends in far away places

  3. My nieces

  4. My nephews

  5. My great nieces

  6. My great nephews

  7. My great great nephews

  8. Wise counsel and the voice of reason

  9. Compassion and kindness shown by many at a recent appointment

  10. Reconnecting with Bonnie, Drena and Dawn - friends, mentors and bosses from back in the 70's

  11. A teenage grand daughter who still likes to hang out with me

  12. Ice scrapers with extended arms

  13. Car washes being open on cold days

  14. Opportunities to travel

  15. Mason jars

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Ottomans

  2. External monitors

  3. A wireless mouse

  4. Zoom meetings! I love connecting that way

  5. The opportunity to make food demo videos

  6. Vegan Chocolate Chips

  7. Calendars - paper calendars - hard copy calendars

  8. Audio Books - so enjoy listening while driving or cleaning house, etc.

  9. Real books - nothing like the feel of paper and being able to highlight or underline special parts

  10. Friends who call to check in

  11. Friends who call to hang out

  12. Friends who text me memes and fun things

  13. Friends who love me, in-spite of my idiosyncrasies.

  14. Memories of friends who left this world way too soon

  15. Friends I have yet to meet. I love meeting new people

  16. Being given another day to live life

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