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Attitude of Gratitude... 30 Days of Thanksgiving! DAY 5

Updated: Nov 8, 2020


Without children I would not be a mom. These two lovely ladies made me a mom, twice! I was far from a perfect mom, but as I look at my daughters, I know that I had to have done some things, right. My girls are loving, kind, generous, have big hearts, are multi talented and so very creative. They are intuitive, lovers of their families, endearing to all who meet them, and as their Grandma Mary often called them, Snow White and Rose Red, true beauties!

It is interesting to be an adult, looking at my adult children, wondering how the years have flown by and how I could possibly be the mama of grown women with families of their own. As a young mom, I wish someone had told me and encouraged me to savor every day, with my girls. To really enjoy each stage and not look ahead to when they could do more, say more, eat more, be more, etc. I wish I had been at a place in my own life that I could have relaxed more, enjoying the silliness and innocence of my young girls. As a Nana, I get to watch them mother their children, and I appreciate that they have learned from my mom mistakes and are raising amazing, bright, creative and well loved children! Love you girls! I am proud to call you my daughters!

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Megan, my first born who is an amazing daughter loved well by her mom, dad and those that know her, and is God's favorite. Thankful for this sweet and feisty girl and her amazing creativity with food, clothes, decorating and more which has made her stand out among the norm. She is spunky, sensitive, helpful, loving, accepted, valuable, worthy, bright, funny, creative, empathetic, kind, a protector of those she loves, a loyal friend, lover of people, inclusive, athletic, a woman of adventures and curious!

  2. Lindsay, my last born who is an incredible daughter, and loved well by her mom, dad and those that love her and is God's favorite. So grateful for this girl who kept me on my toes with her mischievousness, who is full of life, big hearted, kind, and compassionate and a champion for all people. She dreams big, is musically talented, is loving, accepted, valuable, worthy, smart, witty, a Mama Bear protector, a faithful friend, diverse, and inquisitive

  3. The many lives that my girls have touched and impacted over the years here at home and in other states and countries

  4. The many lessons my girls have taught me through their pain and growth and even through their own motherhood.

  5. For the opportunity to have had children. I know many women cannot have children for various reasons, and I don't take likely the honor and privilege it is to give birth to amazing little humans who are world changers

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